About Us

In 1969 Spiros and Pola Bratti founded studio bratti.

At its dynamic begging, they cooporated with the biggest design studios of that time, such as Alektor, Olympic, Kousento and Interpress. Since then, upgrading with new technological equipment, our compay eveloped rapidly, expanding its services and customers, exporting its products to the Balkans and Cyprus since 2003.

Bratti is now a leading company in the Greek market with excellent business signs. We cooperate with all branches, providing a total of services to Banks, Public Organisms, Public Work, Hospitals, Museums, Retail Shop Networks, Big Hotels and pharmaceutical companies.

Our company’s main goal, besides providing the highest level of service, is the direct contact with the customer, providing a completely personalized service, witch leads to long-term partnerships.

Products and Services that we provide:

1. Signs & Plates of high quality and aesthetics.

a. Signage Study and Wayfinding Design on behalf of Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses and Rooms to Let, Museums, Building Complexes, Office Buildings, Banks, Hospitals and Retail Shops

b. Implementation ( manufacture & installation) of our or yours Signage study, anywhere in Greece or abroad.

2. Complex Projects.

We provide a variety of services and products related to complex projects, in order for the costumer to be able to cope with any needs and problems, by choosing a sufficient supplier that guarantees excellent services, quality and punctuality.

The combo services and the products that we provide:

a. Fine Art Printing: in any surface rigid or flexible.

b. Led panels: for application in construction and architectural interior design projects

c. Study and Design of Company Profile

d. Rebranding of Banks and Retail Shops

e. Merchandising Services: Measurements, Distributions, Installation of Special Constructions, Record Keeping of Premices and Equipment.

f. Display Stands: Design, Manufacture and Merchandising of Promotion Systems and Product Advertising Stands as well as of Crowd Guidance Systems (partition stands)

A department of our company is devoted to customer service and maintains a good after sales cooperation.
It is very important for us to keep our customers continuously informed about new products and pioneer trends of the world market.

We export our products to the Balkans and Cyprus since 2003.

With free thought as a given and to achieve the best possible result, we move forward and continue our work, our greatest love.

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Partnerships of Museums, Banks, Hotels and Small and Large Businesses that trust us