Complex Projects

bratti undertakes large complex projects by providing a set of services and products to banks and retail chains.

We provide a variety of services and products related to complex projects, in order for the costumer to be able to cope with any needs and problems, by choosing a sufficient supplier that guarantees excellent services, quality and punctuality.

The combo services and the products that we provide:

a. Fine Art Printing: in any surface rigid or flexible.

b. Led panels: for application in construction and architectural interior design projects

c. Study and Design of Company Profile

d. Rebranding of Banks and Retail Shops

e. Merchandising Services: Measurements, Distributions, Installation of Special Constructions, Record Keeping of Premices and Equipment.

f. Display Stands: Design, Manufacture and Merchandising of Promotion Systems and Product Advertising Stands as well as of Crowd Guidance Systems (partition stands)