Led Panel

What is a LED Panel:

Bratti LED Panel is a self- illuminated thin surface, made of acrylic material, the size of which may be adjusted subject to customer needs.

Using a special engraving technique for the acrylic, combined with high-end LEDs, we achieve uniform light diffusion.

The client, depending on his needs, can choose among different white light temperatures: 3.000K, 6.500K, 8.000K, as well as a variety of 7 colors of RGB lighting.

Bratti LED Panel is ideal for advertising, architectural applications and area lighting.

Bratti LED Panel come from 100 mm × 100 mm up to 1350 mm × 2500 mm.

Power consumption is very low, at 28.8 W/m2 and the lifespan of LEDs is 50,000 hours.

The weight of Bratti LED Panel does not exceed 10kg/m2.

Uses of the LED Panel:

The Led Panel may be used in any lighting application:

– Illuminated product display and lightboxes.

– Illuminated product display and promotion stands.

– Roof, wall and column paneling.

– Roof lighting fixtures.

– Illuminated decorative panels.

– Illuminated furniture.

– Illuminated indoor signs.

– Illuminated outdoor signs.

– Illuminated shelves.

– Illuminated floors.

– Elevator cabin lighting.

– Illuminated architectural and decorative applications.

– Special illuminated constructions.

Why should you use the LED Panel technology instead of another light source:

For any illuminated surface, other than the Led Panel, it is required to use a casing of large thickness in order that the light source is not visible. As a result the aesthetic outcome of the application is moderate, occupying much more space, which is always necessary and useful. In addition to the above, any illuminated surface that does not use LED technology, will emit heat and has higher power consumption.