Led Panel Characteristics

Advantages of buying  a LED Panel from Bratti:

– Full customization.

– May come in any shape.

– Size up to 135 cm x 250 cm (by connecting multiple panels, there is no restriction in size).

– Wide selection of LED color temperatures.

– Single or double sided.

– For interior and exterior use.

– Optionally dimmable.

– No minimum order quantity.

– 10 day delivery in most cases.

– High quality manufacture in Europe, in conformity to the strictest TUV quality control standards and    CE safety certification.

– Certification of uniform light diffusion throughout the entire surface.

– Higher light intensity, in comparison to the competition.

– Selection between purchasing the standard version or an integrated solution.

– IP64 rating.

– Flame resistant and 90% recyclable.

– 2- year warrante covers manufacturing or material faults.