Fine art Printing

We are specialized in fine art digital printing and graphic design in small and large projects.
We print high quality projects with high standards, that’s why bratti guarantees a safe and excellent result.

The high standard services that we provide, as well as our quality product are addressed for Museum, Hotels, Banks, Shoping Centers, and Retail chains.

Our technological equipment (flat bed  uv led , roll to roll  latex ) has state-of-the-art technology with high quality printing (fine art) to any material, rigid or flexible (glass, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, pvc, corian, foam, canvas, fabric, special paper, etc.) giving solutions to your needs.

The inks we use are particularly friendly to the environment because they do not contain solvents and heavy metals.
They can also be used in children’s toys.

The printing materials are 70% recyclable (pvc free)

Certified technician of bratti’s company take over the insallation, with experience and in adhesive surfaces.
That’s why you have an excellent result.