Customized Signage

We design and manufacture signs of high aesthetics depending to our customers’ demands.

In the mid 70’s new technologies had as a result the growth of big companies, banks, hotel units, hospitals, super markets and -in general- large building units.

So a new challenge arose, that of easy people guiding and good operation of these installations. For this purpose bratti created the signage department.
With vision and deeper knowledge, and after a lot of research and collaborations with European houses for many years, we realized the necessity of signage.
« Signage shows an organized area»

In this field, bratti design played an important role in the formation of style in signage, using new pioneer materials for a great aesthetical presence.

We begun with Pisteos Bank, and the new building at that time in 40, Stadiou str.
Following came Banks , Hotels, Resort, Super Markets, Museums, Hospitals, Exhibition and Commercial centres as well as a lot of multinational Pharmaceutical companies..