Signage Study


Bratti ltd. has many years of experience in signage design study for hotels, museums, banks, and large building facilities. We create high-end signs of unique design and aesthetics.

Our design team creates customized signage design with a deep respect in the customer’s
specific needs.


The integrated signage design study consists of 3 stages:

1st Stage – Creative Analysis:     

Research of materials, fonts, pictograms, shapes, signage design and colors based on the architecture and the identity of the space (location).

2nd Stage – Way Finding Analysis:           

Identification of all the location spots that signage is required and denotation of all the messages aiming at the constructive information and guidance of the visitors.

3rd Stage – Manufacturing Research:      

  1. a) Determination of the dimensions for each sign, based on the message and the reading distance.
  2. b) Research of the manufacturing process for all the signs, based on the conceptual design, the materials selected and the regional climate conditions.
  3. c) Lighting implementation research.
    d) Installing modules research based on the aesthetics factor and the location’s needs (floor, wall, hanging, vertical implementation on wall) – (wall, rock, gypsum board, window, soil, sand).