Custom Corian Signs


The signs made of Corian® combine versatility with practicality. They can be formed to fit tight areas, or create dramatic impressions. Because of the Corian®’s solid state, the signs can be inlaid or carved to showcase your message or/and logo. Additionally, since certain colors are translucent, the signs can be backlit to add visual impact. The Corian® solid surface can be used both for interior and exterior signage.

Corian® is a material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Its physical properties allow it to be heated, shaped, joined and finished into a wide variety of products and extraordinary flowing expanses of surface. The texture and color options are endless. Corian® signage is as seductive to the touch as it is beguiling to the eye.

Because of the polymers used to create the Corian® solid surface material, the signs are naturally impervious to moisture, thermally stable, and UV-resistant. No secondary layers or surface coatings are necessary to protect your interior or/and exterior signage.