Electronic Room Signs

The electronic room signage system includes four connected modules: the outdoor room sign (display panel with a doorbell touch button), two alternative indoor controllers (touch button-based panel or card insertion-based module), and a bell module installed like a switch in the wall. The whole system enables the interaction between the actual room’s resident and the outdoor visitor.

The room sign itself – the main module of the whole system – is made of tempered glass in black colour and gets illuminated in four different colour modes, depending on the selection of the actual room’s resident and the preassigned interaction settings. When the doorbell touch button is pressed, the room’s resident may respond either by selecting his option in the touch button-based controller, or by inserting his card in the corresponding indoor controller. The logo of the hotel and the room’s resident’s status gets illuminated in four different colour modes:

  • Doorbell ring (Blue)
  • MAKE UP ROOM (Green)


  • Resilience and protection: Flame retardants are applied on the panel and the mounting box, making it fireproofing.
  • The touch-sensitive control panels in conjunction with the illuminated graphics make the electronic room signage system extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use.