Vista System


The Vista system consists of the Vista Nova and the Vista Green series. Both these series are designed alike, following the same guidelines, except for some aesthetic details that enhance the system’s modularity in terms of personal preferences.

The Vista series is a newly designed, wayfinding signage system that offers two alternative options:

  • Vista Nova (curved design details)
  • Vista Green (rectangular design details)

The side-channels of the aluminum frames give the signs a sleek, elegant look, which cannot be ignored.

The Vista series offers modified widths to fit standard paper sizes:

  • Standard paper size A8 (52mm)
  • Standard paper size A7 (74 mm)
  • Standard paper size A6 (105mm)
  • Standard paper size A5 (148mm)

Of course, bigger signs can be assembled, such as A4, A3 and beyond.

The signage types included in the Vista system are:

  • Wall frames
  • Flag signs (wall brackets)
  • Suspended signs
  • Table signs

With the proper graphic implementation on any flexible substrate, these signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The Vista Nova and the Vista Green series, including the highest standards of the Vista System, with a fresh, eye-catching look, are definitely the new stars in the wayfinding arena!